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How to improve mileage of car?

Image result for http://servfacesusa.com/automotive-detailing/Whether we have diesel based car or a petrol one mileage is very important. This helps in saving more money. Some of us do not want to buy a car because it consumes a lot of fuel. From this blog, you can save your car’s fuel which automatically helps you in saving your money.  Moreover, all these things are also very helpful in improving life of your car.


Here are some of the effective and useful ways to improve mileage of car


  • Avoid too many breaks: This is the common; if we apply too many breaks then it may consume lots of petrol or diesel.
  • Go for professional car care products: By using professional car care products and professional auto detailing equipments you can improve mileage of your car.
  • Set proper inflation of your car: It has been researched that setting up proper inflation in your car, helps in reducing fuel consumption upto 3%.
  • Check condition of your car’s engine: A properly tuned engine helps in improving mileage of the car and helps in improving the life of the engine or fuel.
  • Check out the condition of the air filter: Always check out the condition of the air filter. A dirty filter decreases fuel efficiency.
  • Lighten your car load: By lighting up your car’s load you can easily improve your car’s efficiency. If you add up extra 100pounds on your car, then this may leads to extra consumption of fuel up to 2%.
  • Choose your route wisely: If you are going to travel through your car, always choose your route having not so much traffic lights, not so much crowded or choose the route where you need to apply less breaks. This helps you saving your fuel.
  • Always buy quality and the right fuel for your car: Always buy fuel from the right and the best fuel provider in your area. Also check out for the reviews of the petrol station first from the internet.
  • Try to avoid using air conditioner: Air conditioners that are used in the cars, consumes a lot of fuel. Always use air conditioners when it is required.

Check your gear: While driving your favorite car, always go for the highest gear. This helps in saving petrol or diesel up to large extent.

Apply all these things while driving your car and improve your car’s mileage.